Session Information

The Healing Connections Process clears, charges and repairs the human energy system to create conditions that support optimum health and wellness. Sessions generally run 60 to 90 minutes. Clients are greeted and asked to fill out a short information form.

Time is spent talking about what the client needs help with, what their expectations are and how we want to focus the session. Everyone has a story and the telling of it is a rare and healing experience in itself. One client shared that no one had ever asked her to tell her story before and she came away with new insights into the patterns in her life and how they were affecting her health. During the interview Hillary is sensing and observing the energy, noticing how the client expresses themselves, and where they might be holding or blocking the flow. Although the client hasn’t gotten to the table work yet, the healing has already begun.

When the moment is right, the client is invited to transition to the massage table. Clients are fully clothed and there is light touch beginning at the feet. If there is conversation, it is focused on what is happening in the healing. The client may feel heat, cold, tingling, or just very relaxed. Sometimes clients will remember something important, see pictures, make a meaningful connection, see colors or feel emotional. There are also those that feel nothing but completely relaxed. Each individual’s experience is different and relates to the healing work being done. If there is a physical complaint, Hillary will work extensively there and also follow the energy flow where it leads.  When the session is complete, the client takes a few minutes to rest and integrate before getting off the table. We briefly review the session and Hillary may ask the client to do “homework” or make recommendations for between sessions. Follow up sessions have a similar format. The number of sessions needed varies with each individual and clients are encouraged to consider a series of four sessions to adequately evaluate the effectiveness of the work.

Suggestions for Getting the Most From Your Session

1. Set an intention for the work. Once you have scheduled the appointment you have set an intention to heal and all of the energetic resources available to you will rush in to assist. You may start having dreams, or notice information coming to you. So my first suggestion is that you make a Statement of Intention for your healing. It can be specific like “I intend to work through my issues with my spouse.” or more general such as “I intend to become more aware”.

2. Start noticing everything! Begin to notice how often your upcoming session comes to mind. What are you feeling about it? Excited? Anxious? Worried? Shy? What are your expectations? Just note whatever you experience and be aware that your healing process is not just what happens in the space of an hour at Healing Connections, but is happening continuously from the time you set your intention.

3. Ask questions. The healing session is your time. Asking questions and asking for what you need is the best way to insure that you will feel satisfied. Keep in mind that getting what you need may not always be getting what you want. There are times when a session may not leave you feeling wonderful, especially if old emotions that have been avoided need to be felt and expressed. If you are unsure about what is happening, ask your practitioner. There is no right way to be a healing client and no bad questions.

4. Schedule rest and integration time. If possible. It’s best to not rush back to work or into your life after a session, but rather to find some quiet space for yourself to integrate the work you have done. Drink plenty of fresh water, rest and make a few notes in your healing journal. The details of a session can fade like those of a remembered dream. Jotting down your thoughts, feelings and impressions after each session will help to anchor your work.

5. Do your homework. Your practitioner may make recommendations for continued support between sessions. These may include life style changes, journaling, meditations, flower essences, questions to consider, medical referrals to check out or just “collecting data” about your moment to moment experience. If it feels right to you, do your best to follow through on those recommendations. Make notes in your journal about any changes you notice as a result.