HCEM Services

  • Private, confidential sessions are available at the office in Niantic by appointment.
  • Remote Healing or “distance healing” are effective and convenient sessions if you cannot be in Connecticut. No need to deal with weather or traffic! Energy is just as potent if the client and practitioner are in contact, 10 feet apart or on the other side of the world.
  • NEW! Quantum Coaching. Playing in the field of potentiality! Support for understanding and applying quantum mechanics in the field of potentiality to maximize the experience of an abundant life as we want it! Challenge old limiting beliefs and reprogram thoughts into a new experience!
  • Student Healer Homework Review. Supports the student in being able to deepen into the healer experience to promote clarity, growth and deepening contact with self and client.
  • Supervision For Healers and Student Healers via phone or in person. One hour sessions focus on the experience of the healer in relationship with the client to solve problems, and deepen self awareness.
  • Gift Certificates are available in any denomination.

They are a perfect gift for all occasions. Please contact Hillary to purchase. Arrangements can be made to pick up your certificate or it can be mailed to either the purchaser or the recipient.

  • Healing Clinics. You can offer a day of healing to your group of 3 to 6 people.  Hillary will come to your location, yoga studio, church group, convalescent home, chiropractic, massage or psychotherapy office. A clinic day can be arranged for your friends, family, bridal party, staff, patients or clients that will offer them the benefits of energy medicine from an experienced  practitioner. A guaranteed minimum of three sessions is required to schedule a clinic. Please contact Hillary for more information.
  • Contact Hillary at hillary@healingcem or call 860-884-7130 to schedule session appointments.
  • Payment Information. Credit cards are accepted for your convenience. Remote sessions can be paid for through Paypal or by check.
  • 60 Minute sessions $85        90 Minute Sessions $120 major-credit-cards