Remote Healing

  • Physicist David Bohm states that “apparent separateness” is an illusion, and that on a deeper level of reality “all things in the universe are infinitely connected”. That means time and space become irrelevant as we move into the realm of unlimited healing potential.
  • One remote healing client in California had this to say: “I want you to  know that the hara healing you have been doing is working powerfully, Hillary. My Feldenkreis worker has even mentioned the hara to me – which she has never done before! Thank you for your powerfLD_Healul healing work Hillary!” M.E.B.
  • All you need is an appointment, a phone and a quiet place to relax where you won’t be disturbed for an hour. Follow these easy steps:
  1. Email or call Hillary at 860-884-7130 with questions and/or to set up an appointment
  2. If this is a first session, complete the information form and email it to Hillary. Please include a recent photo.
  3. Call 860-884-7130 at the scheduled time. There will be time to talk, listen and answer questions. At the initial session Hillary will answer your questions and support you in becoming comfortable with the process. Follow up sessions will always start with checking in and focusing on what is needed in the session. This can take about 15 to 20 minutes. When the moment is right, you will be invited to get comfortable. To ensure maximum effect, choose a location that offers you the privacy to relax without interruption and have a blanket and whatever else you need to be comfortable nearby. Hillary will let you know how long the session will take.
  4. When the session is complete, give yourself a few minutes to allow the work to integrate and stabilize in your system before you resume activities. Hillary will send an email describing the work that was done, impressions received and recommendations that might be helpful.
  5. Payment must be received via Paypal electronic transfer prior to the healing. Hillary will send an email money request and simply follow the instructions. It is secure and free. You do not need a Paypal account. If you prefer, you can mail a check made out to Hillary Gauvreau at Healing Connections, 321 Main St., Suite 4, Niantic, CT 06357 which must be received within 4 business days of the healing.
  6. If indicated and desired, follow up sessions will be scheduled. Each follow up session will review the last session, and focus on continuing and deepening the work that is most useful for you.