Matrix Energetics

MEHillary is very excited to add Matrix Energetics (ME) to the HCEM toolbox!

ME came to my attention a few years ago and I found it very intriguing. After reading both of Dr. Bartlett’s books I knew that this technology was important and has a lot to offer to people seeking to transform challenges. It took me this long to be able to attend a training. The Level 1 and 2 training was expansive, fun, exciting and changed my perception of healing. I have committed to the practitioner certification program and will be incorporating it into sessions.

So what is ME? On the Matrix Energetics web page ( Dr Bartlett states:

“Matrix Energetics is not a “thing” to be defined – it is, instead, a pathway to transformation. This transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality.”

How exciting is that? As he says, it is not a technique, it is a technology. As such it is easily integrated into the other healing modalities used at HCEM. Your questions and session feedback are very welcome.