MEDITATION: “Do. Or Do not. There is no try”, said Yoda

Meditation is one of the most useful things you can do for yourself no matter what ails you. I recommend it to every one of my clients. This morning in my meditation the thought came to me that there is no try. Thank you Yoda. I think there are a lot of expectations and misconceptions about meditation that keep us from “trying” and a consistent practice. A friend and lifetime meditator said there is only one rule for meditation: Put your tush on the cush. If you do that, you are doing it right. We don’t need to “try to” sit, we just sit. But isn’t that where the trouble starts? The thoughts can go something like this:

My mind is so busy how do I make it stop it won’t stop I must be doing it wrong I’m no good at this and I have so much to so today this is really a waste of time-time I wonder what time it is…and on and on and on.

Inevitably we give up and go see what friends are doing on Facebook, or something equally distracting. Our world offers no end to the possible distractions from being still. All of this is normal. You are not doing it wrong as long as you sit. Then one day, as you are sitting, a light descends from above, angels sing and you are enlightened. Ok, so maybe that won’t happen, but it could…and then the next day you will be right back to feeling uncomfortable and looking at the time. You’re not doing it wrong. That is the nature of the beast.

When we meditate, even those times when it is uncomfortable, annoying, frustrating and disappointing, we gain. It gives our minds and bodies a mini vacation from busyness, which is good for us. It teaches us patience and the ability to tolerate discomfort. It supports relaxation, dampens the stress response and promotes health. AND, this is the fun part, it enhances our spiritual connection, which means we are more connected to all things, inspired, creative, wise and peaceful. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to sit, do nothing, and have a better life? Make a commitment to sit for 15 minutes a day for a month and you decide if it’s worth it or not. Let me know if you need help or support. Meditation groups are a great way to start practicing. We have Wednesday meditations at Park Church in Norwich at 7 pm and 6:30 pm on Thursdays at my office in Niantic. We include silent meditation, singing bowls and chanting mantras. All are welcome to join us.

Have a peaceful day.

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