Thank You Too, Anonymous Friend from the Past…

thank-you-much-cute-greeting-card-vector-illustration-58998254Today I received a thank you card in the mail. It said “Thank you so much… for everything. I just wanted to say thank you. Fifty years is a long time ┬áto wait to do so…but I am an invariant procrastinator. I hope your life has turned out well…I think that much of mine, that did turn out well, is because of you. Again my gratitude…”

It was unsigned, but even so, greatly appreciated. 50 years ago I was a teenager, and from my perspective, a mess. It is hard for me to imagine that I could have done anything that would have earned such enduring gratitude. But we never know which people will make a lasting impression. It could be the person who rescues us from a college far away that was a total mismatch in a time of crisis. It could be the person who chipped in to buy an old beat up sports car that only started when we rolled it down a hill. (My father admitted years later that he knew all about it!)

In answer to your question, yes my life has turned out well. Not exactly a smooth ride, but I have gotten to a place of peace and gratitude. So thank you my friend, for reminding me of how we touch people even in our dark times. May you be blessed.


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