The Meaning of Our Story

In Spiritual Graffiti Jeff Brown says, “I understand that we get lost in our stories, but let’s not throw out the whole story with the bath water. In the heart of our story is the grist for our soul’s transformation. Our stories are no illusion. We are made of story. The illusion is illusion, itself. Deal with your story, or your story will deal with you.”

In my practice, I have seen people make important connections between their story and their current situation; what they believe, how they think and the deeper meaning of challenges they are facing. This is about bringing consciousness to the automatic, rote way we normally tell our stories. While I was attending the healing school, I remember sharing one of my family stories with the group, rather matter of factly, and with a laugh. The look of shock on their faces was a real wake up for me.  That funny little anecdote was actually a very painful experience that had affected me deeply.  Our stories, true or not, become an integral part of who we are and can have far reaching affects on our health and wellbeing. There was a time when healers would stop clients from telling their story, inviting them instead to get out of their heads and into their bodies and feelings. Now, we look more toward the meaningful telling of stories, while embodying. I love seeing that OMG look on a client’s face when random pieces of personal history suddenly come together within a deeper context. None of that would happen if they did not have space to tell their story to another person with a listening, open heart. We do not ditch our stories, until we understand them. Like little children, they will stalk us, begging for our attention. There is great personal learning that can be had in our story, if we are willing to tell it with consciousnesswhats_your_story_000.

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