Reminders of What We Need to Know: CYCLES

LD_HealMore and more evidence is surfacing that points toward the possibility of a highly technologically advanced ancient culture that predates all the cultures we typically consider to be the origins of culture and humanity.
The Ancient One, as I call her, who first said “Remind them of what they need to know”, has hinted at this. What if there are repeating cycles of world civilization/culture, peaking and dying over and over and so old that no memories survive? The only artifacts left are stone structures and the mystery they evoke.
What if all we are aware of is our personal cycle of recorded history? Like coming into a reincarnated body with no memory of past lives, do we enter new cycles of civilization like blank slates, with no memory of the past? That would allow us the freedom to explore, create, and develop without ties to the past in an exciting earthly “do over”. The Earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old. The age of dinosaurs was 250-65 million years ago. What if our awareness of the beginnings of life over 250 million years ago is the beginning of our cycle?  Perhaps we are in the Forth World as the Hopi call it, and three worlds have gone before, now almost completely obliterated from view.
If this is an exciting “do over”, as I suspect it is, what might we want to be reminded of? What is the message the ancient ones want us to know?
You are invited to join The “Reminders of What We Need to Know” Group as we explore our role in the changing world paradigm.  As the Hopi elders say, we are the ones we have been waiting for!

No event or being, divine or otherwise, will rescue us from our responsibility to ourselves and our world. Everything we do, positive or negative, has an effect. We are here by intention, not accident. The “Reminders” help us to be conscious of our role in the changing paradigm and the effect we are having in the world. This group relates to events of the day, and follows wherever guidance takes us. Each meeting includes discussion, information and meditation. 

 New members are always welcome to join us. You do not have to commit to attending every meeting, but I am hopeful you won’t want to miss any.

 Space is limited, so please email, text or call 860-884-7130 if you plan to attend. 



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