Matrix Energetics Now Included at Healing Connections

Healing Connections is now incorporating Matrix Energetics (ME) into healing sessions. I have found that using ME as the technology to hold the session invites in the best possible results. Please contact Hillary to schedule a session!

Matrix Energetics is not a “thing” to be defined – it is, instead, a pathway to transformation. This transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality.

There is nothing physical – Instant change is possible!

“Matrix Energetics took me to a new state of being filled with joy and elation. During my session it was revealed that my core obstacle was fear. Once Hillary cleared my negative fear thought pattern anxiety and dread melted away and was replaced by a greater sense of self, confidence, clarity, and spiritual connectedness. I had blossomed into the best possible ‘me’ and can’t wait to repeat the experience. Thank you Hillary!” L.D. 


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